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Ancient Oak Tree Survey

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Do you want to help with the Cumnor Parish Ancient Oak Tree Survey?

  1. Identify the location of the tree

  2. Measure its circumference - a soft tape measure is ideal but equally good ids to estimate using your arm span!

  3. Take a photo

  4. Send us the photo, the location and approximate circumference to

  5. Tip you can use the What 3 Words app to help pinpoint its location

  6. We will add it to the map below

Ancient Trees

Ancient trees are trees of great age – over 300 years for an oak tree.

Ancient oaks may be far fatter than usual with a very wide trunk  or a squat or dumpy in appearance. They are often gnarled or showing signs of decay such as having hollow insides.


To the untrained eye they may look in poor shape but in reality they are probably very healthy for such a great age.

Oaks are generally regarded as having more associated species of wildlife than any other native trees in England

Ancient oaks are particularly important as habitats for many of these organisms.


Not only do they provide 'services' for a very long time at the same place, but as they grow larger and age, they provide additional niches for yet other organisms to exploit.

More information about ancient trees can be found at

Do you want to estimate how old an oak tree is, click here for the Woodland Trust's 

Ancient Oak Tree Ready Reckoner

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