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Cumnor Conservation Group needs a Pond Manager. The role does not take a huge amount of time and involves sitting on the Cumnor Conservation group Committee and continuing to support and push forward the management plan in place to maintain the pond. Please contact Jim Mower if you would like to find out more at

Who are we?


Cumnor Conservation Group was formed over 20 years ago to undertake environmental projects of interest to Cumnor and its residents.


Over the years the group, made up of local volunteers with a variety of environmental interests and skills, has undertaken wildlife surveys, supported schools, given talks and engaged with the community concerning the flora and fauna present in the Parish.

What do we do?


Broadly, CCG seeks to:

  • advance education in the local community in regard to the natural and historic environment;

  • promote and conserve the natural and historic environment through field survey; and

  • liaise with public bodies and other organisations in support of the promotion and conservation of the natural and historic environment.

CCG is responsible for managing a part of the Hurst Hill Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), locally known as Cumnor Hurst.


This work requires monitoring of species diversity and ensuring that the site is maintained as an important community resource. CCG also monitors and maintains Cumnor pond, ensuring that this equally important resource continues to support a wide variety of wildlife. 

If you would be interested in getting involved with the activities of the CCG, please get in touch at the email address below. - Chair

Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 18.00.13.png

Take a look at the photo above, and the photo below. The top one is The Hurst in 1945. The bottom the same location less than 70 years later. Just look at the difference!

It is also clear where whole lines of hedgerows and ancient oaks once stood.

By managing the land sensitively, a scrubby piece of land has turned into a thriving copse, a designated site of Special Scientific Interest and an area which has been a haven for wildlife and humans alike during lockdown...

Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 18.00.58.png
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