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Wildflower Spaces

We have already started to sow areas around the parish with wildflower seeds. Some of the spaces are verges, and some back gardens.

As you walk around see if you can spot them.

The work here has been inspired by the rejuvenation of the hay meadows at Longmead Wildlife Site.

To find out more about their work click here.

The Big (& Little!) Garden Project

Biodiversity (amount of variety on our planet) Is a vital component to tackling climate change. Increasing biodiversity regulates fundamental processes, such as soil formation and water levels. Keeping everything in an abundance of nutrients. This helps to regulate the climate. The continued loss of biodiversity on earth due to deforestation,oil spills,farming ect. Leads to less healthy thriving habitats. However, we don’t need to worry as scientists now understand that a key part to battling this and increasing biodiversity starts in our back gardens.


All gardens vary: big or small, flowers or vegetables, overgrown or grassy. A small pot,with a little work could hold a flower and help a bee with pollination, (vital in the reproduction of flowers).Gardening Projects are great,fun and active projects that get the whole family outside. And make beautiful things to look out of the window at on rainy days.


So get growing! And help save the planet.

From little acorns...

Cumnor Parish has thousands of oak trees...and many of them are classified as ancient. To be ancient, trees need to be 300 years old ...or older!

Our oak trees support a huge ecosystem of species, so are vital to protect.

The first step to protect them is to know where they are, their approximate age and recording them.

This is a project that can't be done by one person. But if each person in this parish identifies and records a tree we will have taken the first step to protecting 7,000 trees!

Click here to get involved

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