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Bigger initiatives

In the Parish there are several larger scale, well established programmes that we can learn from, and link into. Click onto each one to find out more.

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Cumnor conservation group

Cumnor Conservation group began over 20 years ago. It is a group of volunteers who have been doing environmental projects in within the Parish.

The group manages the Site of Special Scientific Interest at The Hurst and monitors and maintains the Village Pond.

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Longmead SSSi

There are 7 Local Wildlife Sites in Cumnor Parish. Long Mead Farm is one of them, located near to Swinford Toll Bridge.


It is a rare wildflower hay meadow with freshwater habitat, woodland and a traditional orchard. regenerating Water Floodplain Hay meadow.

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Hill End

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Farmoor Reservoir

Thames Water has a number of wetland and habitat renewal projects.

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