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Cumnor Joins Oxford's Clear Rivers Project

Throughout 2021, the Oxford Rivers Project will deliver a groundbreaking citizen science-led water quality monitoring project in the Oxford catchment: volunteers will take water samples which will be analysed by Thames Water labs for bacteria and other pollutants. 

A Farmoor resident will be monitoring 4 data points over 6 months, including Pinkhill Lock.

This will give much-needed information on the impact of sewage and other pollution in these rivers.

The data will be used to inform Oxford City Council’s application for bathing water status, as well as the national research effort to increase our knowledge of sources and impacts of river sewage pollution. The project will also run several engagement events, including a 24 hour sampling ‘Waterblitz’ on 18th June 2021 in Oxford.


By 2022, the aim is for a designated bathing water area in Oxford with weekly water quality testing, and better understanding of pollution and its prevention in the upper Thames. It is hoped that the project will continue over several years, bringing together the local community, scientists, Thames Water, local authorities, sports clubs and charities in order to end sewage pollution and protect, champion and enjoy their river.

For more information go to Thames 21 website, one of the partner organisations 

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